Extremaduran Slaughter - Cortijo Señorío de Los Cotos -

Cortijo los Cotos

The excellence of the Extremaduran cuisine begins long before that dish reaches the table, since a large part of the essence of the culinary habits of Extremadura reside in the quality of their raw materials.

Talking about quality of raw materials in the Cortijo Señorío de los Cotos we want to recover the traditional Extremaduran slaughter. And for this we have prepared a program that will let you enjoy of the Extremaduran cuisine, at the same time that you learn its customs.

Cortijo los Cotos

We offer you the option to spend the night before the slaughter in the Cortijo and begin the feast when you wake up the next day. And also in case of not having eaten all the slaughter, this is prepared so that those who wish can take it away.

• Welcome to the guests.
• Typical Extremadura's slaughter breakfast.
• Quartering of the pig and explanation of each of its parts.
• Pig test, consisting of different parts of the pig grilled.
• Traditional food of the Extremadura slaughter.
• After dinner talk
• Farewell meal, with coffee and local sweets.

Cortijo los Cotos

ACCOMMODATION: 22 double rooms.
MINIMUN NUMBER OF PEOPLE per slaughter 35/40 (see below).
Slaughter prices: from 35 Euro each diner.

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